Why This Kolaveri Di? Ani Kiti?

It indeed is a good song with foot tapping beats, perfect for a dandiya night. It surely has caught rage with the young crowd. It is simple “hummable” and trendy too. Junior Nigam’s version is even more gripping, However, there is one more aspect why this song had to get some much fan following or rather could get the needed exposure. Though we want to largely ignore it, the fact remains that song has some association with Rajnikanth. There are number of other good songs that could have gained prominence had they been exposed or marketed correctly. For e.g. Avadhoot Gupte songs are much better than this recent Kolaveri rage. Gupte’s songs are enjoyable, you can sing them, you can dance on his songs, and you can give a solid performance on his songs, and I don’t only mean “dhingana” here. Avadhoot is not only good with peppy songs but also with soul touching music, though he is largely recognised for the former genre. And mind you Avadhoot is an all rounder, he has made effective movies like Zenda and Morya.

Ajay-Atul, a combo that is lately rocking the Bollywood with Singham and Agneepath. Their compositions are amazing, especially when they strum the rural-cultural chords. “Mayechya halwya”, “Malharvari” from Agga Bai Arrechya, “Lalati bhandar” from Jogwa are terrific compositions. Mind you, “Kombdi palali” or “Chikni Chameli” are just their average level creations. “Chikni Chameli” caught fire only because it has Katrina dancing on that song, perhaps. “Kombali Palali” the original version, a better one, did not catch up so much rage as did Kolaveri.When it comes to the larger platform, I think Marathi people shy away, get gripped by ‘nyunganda’ (inferiority complex). They are not as outgoing as people from other regions. Shying away could perhaps be a wrong term, it must be the humble nature that we don’t usually show off – the focus is on creativity and not on glamour. More than what “I” think of something, we Marathi people focus on what “others” will think of it, and hence lose out on time and opportunities. Change! Of course it does not mean get shameless. A “Kombadi Palali”, “Tujhe Dekh Ke Meri Madhubala”, “Goa mix”, “Lalati Bhandar” are way beyond in excellence of poetics and composition when compared to Kolaveri.

“Ayushyavar Bolu Kahi” another amazing musical that has tight lyrical poetry composed in a melodious musical. I think the audience for such a niche technically perfect melody remains small, and hence “Aggobai Dhaggobai” does not become a Kolaveri, which appeals to anyone and everyone. You don’t need to understand what Kolaveri is trying to convey, it only makes your feet to tap. Sandip and Salil, on the other hand, stir your soul entirely. It will take time, perhaps, like it took for me. I had been contemplating about this article for over a month, thinking what people will think. But it was getting ironical, what I wanted to write and why I am not writing it.I am young, and a Marathi manoos that appealed to me most, until recently, was Shreyas Talpade. However, I have noticed, after the Kolaveri effect, that there is a Avadhoot, Ajay-Atul, Sandip-Salil, and there is one Amol Gupte too who can take on Aamir. And yes I know a few unknowns too – Adwait Patwardhan in Pune of Pancham Digital, Niranjan Jamkhedkar in Mumbai of Studio Tabassum. I am happy though that somehow creative people with Marathi background are slowly inching towards fame and recognition. The ‘hare & the tortoise’ story like. Slow and steady will win the race.

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