Sycophantic Bug Bites an Editor

The editor of Loksatta, a Marathi morninger mourns – those who have remembered the birth centenary of Gopal Godse are perverted.

Students of literature, history and politics, and even behavioural science – commit suicide!

Don’t remember anything now. The last cell controlling thinking process in the brain of the editor is showing the symptoms of dysfunction. Now he may go to a friend, who writes pakshi, (meaning a.k.a. – as Madhav Manohar, a petrifying drama critic of yester years used to say) and copy-pastes about brain structure & it’s functioning, asking him to research.

This brain scientist would Google it as a starter menu, and begin reading the books a la a first year student to tell him the history of science. History man. To the indigestion level. (A brain scientist working on memory and thinking cells, whose papers are published all over world for last 33 years, is in the city. Who cares?

Isn’t it the duty of the editor to hunt for such talent? No. no more. Confine to preliminary level and boast of the local level publicity that titillates! Editor’s choice. What else?)

But how to replace it? The cell fallen like an infinitesimal mercury drop in the sand?

Come after a century and a half – may be the blunt reply unfitting to him with a puzzled look ditto like that of Omi (Chatur) in 3 Idiots. I don’t write about future. I write about past!

Why the vociferous editor should keep on hurtling the names like Aseemand (he calls him Swami. Proudly?). Some Joshis from M.P, Vanzara etc. that are totally unknown and useless to the readers of an esteemed daily in Maharashtra? Is it not an obstinate mentality? Or does he think himself to be second-sighted? The space to be adorned by moralistic thoughts has been brought to a gossip column, down below page-3 mentality. He can’t see what’s burning under his feet. He can’t see illegitimate structures raised illegally visible from his office. His eyes hazy to see corruption taking place hardly 100 meters away from him office, forget nostrils numb to the foul smell of the body burning of a high ranking officer. It is hundreds of miles away!

Why has it been happening since a last few years? What bug has infected him? Couldn’t he manage to sterilize before he got contaminated, little by little, with sycophancy that lead to such a terminal disease, namely bias?

It is not difficult for the reader of an esteemed newspaper who cares a damn for such stuff. The bug of sycophancy has bit him.

Last generation had experienced a simple disease spread through congress grass. It was a contagious.

This being a next-gen ailment, so far affecting individuals.

But the symptoms, researchers (not the kind you’ve started guessing now) tell us and visible too, are likely to take a pervading shape like that of HIV from last generation syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes etc.

In the all diseases of today, frustration plays some part, big or small.

I don’t want to go through the reasons behind. No specialist or psychologist is required to find them if recent past is checked. And it’s not difficult to guess about the behaviour or actions of a person who is from the media or under the media focus. When a conclusion can be drawn from a single interview, is it difficult to decide the behavioural pattern of a man who is expressing (!) his hollow, biased thoughts on daily basis?

The ruling party spokesmen are facing Times Television daily with a fallen and lost face, daily. Times Television is firing canons against the black money culture without giving up the issue, a la our own Acharya Atre, an editor of his own newspaper who whisked away Moraraji and Maharashtra hater Pt. Nehru, in whose row the editor in consideration has a chair to rest so far but not proving worthy of it.

Look Maa, what is he doing. His aim is as obvious. But the means are wrong.

As the misdeeds of the ruling party are coming out after opening of the Pandora’s Box, the editor is sitting with eyes shut like Gandhari in her palace. There are many Gandharis (unfortunately), inside scared of being thrown out, and outside the palace waiting to get in!

Nirmala Sitharaman the new, smart, studious and logical spokesperson of BJP was mentioning earlier about the misdeeds of the current ruling party outside the circumference (1999 and 2005) when her party was not in power.

However, one of non-countable hundreds of fallen faces was harping and shouting and blaming BJP for his own party mistakes. I don’t remember the name of ruling party nondescript masquerades repeating the same words at the same hour nor are they worth to, in the manner our editor is fond of.

One day the anchor may have to start switching off the mike opposite them that he is not doing yet. Faces fraught with frustration would still be visible in the studio. Poor chaps; they are left with no points to defend them on the issue of corruption.

Whereas a ruling party suffering from chronic disease, instead of trying to treat the disease or operate and remove the affected part, is pointing to cough and cold of 1999 to 2005, a comparatively small period ailment is all out to find out the origins (like our researcher above) forgetting deliberately that the roots go back to half a century when they were ruling allowing permit raj, ailment started growing.

Had the man embraced SS, the Supremo could have offered him what he seems to have been craving for, at a tick of a clock. But the sham philosophical thinking bungled him. Now almost void of any ideology, he can approach claiming the successor is cultured and having a wider perspective. However, there is a caveat; he has vitiated the chances himself by criticizing the party. The successor is shrewd enough unlike his father who is a philanthropist first and politician later.

It’s perhaps better to work as an editor of a house magazine than to make a house magazine of a popular newspaper.

The solicitor-e-‘present ruling party’ shouldn’t forget that it’s akin to Waiting for Godot.

Notwithstanding, say his wish is fructified; Samuel Beckett is whispering in my ears, it would be nothing but an absurd route of total irresponsibility individually and sycophancy collectively that many a seniors have already adhered to.


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