Individual as an Institution! – Acharya Atre

To watch news and entertainment channels is a wonderful headache. I’m forced to invite the headache especially when I’m out of the state.

At home, switching them on to know the local news is compulsory. However, repetition of the same shots would drive any person haywire. I don’t understand what stops these cretins to shoot an event sufficiently lengthy? There is no wastage of video tapes as it has gone digital. Short is the thinking capacity of one and all concerned.

Goebbels would have felt shy before these mongers.

Instead of penetrating and haunting, this method of repetition would drive you away. Recently I came across such a kind of statement on a Marathi channel.

A third rate popular movie director who in his life of half a century had done nothing but imitating Hindi movies (he doesn’t understand Hollywood movies!) in worst possible, slipshod and stinking manner, admired his friend and a leading but fourth rate actor, who is unbearable by any standard as far as acting, looks and terrible movements (now called body language) concerned, as an institution!

There is a zero possibility that both may know one of the meanings of the word is an asylum. What work they have done is nothing different as if done from coming out of an asylum, in delirium. To call a buffoon an institution is height of frenzied state of thinking.

The worse part of the sequence is that the Marathi media people are propagating the madness further by repeatedly showing such foolish statements incessantly.

In my opinion, the one individual I would admire as an institution in Maharashtra in the field of art is Acharya Atre, let me ring a bell. Ashtapailu is a word insufficient to quote him any time.

He was everything, right from a poet to a movie director, not of an ordinary stature. He was the first director to achieve the first President medal for his Marathi film, Shyamchi Aai. Basically a teacher, who aspired to be a lawyer, he wrote plays bringing down the social fraudsters of all kinds from white collared to babas and buwas, (To Mee Navhech and Buwa Tethe Baya) of his time; that would last till eternity.

In a mock trial, he was punished to write a play to save the Marathi Theatre in doldrums. Within a few days he wrote To Mee Navhech ran for over 4 decades.

When he was reminded about the only form of literature he had not touched, a novel, he wrote a novel Changuna immediately.

There is not a single facet of life he has left untouched. A great humourist to an excellent orator. Writer of two different autobiographies running into several volumes, namely Karheche Paani and Mee Kasa Zalo.

On the map of World of Art he left nothing undone.

The crowing success was his Marathi daily newspaper Maratha that fought for the cause of united Maharashtra making Maharashtra hater Morarji Desai, the chief minister then and Prime Minister Pt. Nehru run helter-skelter.

Acharya is kind of D.Lit. or Ph.D., an Honorary Doctorate conferred by universities for an outstanding literary or scientific career.

Acharya Vinoba Bhave, a great exponent of Bhagwad Gita, who translated it in lucid Marathi Geetai, a saint and a polyglot conferred the Honour of Acharya on Pralhad Keshav Atre. If you dissect THEATRE, it transforms to THE ATRE, in his name, and he reciprocated it.

That is the individual as an institution.

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