Dear Ganpati Bappa

I was astounded by Hazare’s dexterity to unite the people of this country for a common cause – fight corruption. Anna did a splendid job in channelizing the anger of his countrymen. However, I am still skeptical about will it really eradicate corruption. I frankly still don’t know what Lokpal Bill is all about, how effective it will be, how exactly it will help eradicate corruption, and how will the corrupt be nailed – I chose to be ignorant about all this while enjoying my beer and penning few more poems. Though I am for a corruption free nation, I wonder how it will actually be implemented. A lot of changes need to be made at higher levels, inclusion of bureaucrats, judiciary, et al. Perchance, a long way to go. However, I wish to ask the people how will they make it happen, will they really be a part of this entire movement, will they whole-heartedly strive that corruption/bribery ends. The same people who, a week ago, were shouting slogans, wearing “I am Anna” caps, organizing candle marches, and so on. Well then people, will you be agreeable to:

* Paying fine when you jump a traffic signal or offer a Rs. 100 note to the traffic cop
* Not paying any extra money to get your house or vehicle registered
* Not paying anything extra to get your father’s death certificate so that there is no delay in getting the ancestral property inherited in your name
* Not getting a “letter of recommendation” from the local politician or MLA or MP to secure your child’s admission in school/college

And I have many more such questions, though lastly willing to offer your prayers to our cutest deity, Ganpati, without any expectations in heart, just thanking Him for what you are today and not murmuring – “Ganesha, mera yeh ek kaam bana do, 51 modaks ka prasad chadhaoonga” (Ganesha, make this thing possible for me and I shall offer you a prasad of 51 modaks).In all good hope that veracity prevails in our nation.
P.S. Hey Ganpati Bappa, make my nation a honest and safer place, and I shall regularly continue to offer my prayers and services to you 🙂

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