Love Thy Self

“Thinking only about yourself is not good and it is termed as selfish. One should think about others and help them in every possible way,” I was taught this since my childhood. “It brings more pride and satisfaction of having given someone else more importance than your own self,” they explained it further.Selfishness is a …

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Celebrating Love Life Et al…The Movie Issshtyle

Just about 2 weeks ago our ‘insanely-histrionic, uselessly-emotional’ India celebrated a stupid festival called Valentine’s Day supposedly the day to express love. Well Indians don’t need any reason or logic to celebrate anything. I saw fools buying red roses for Rs. 100/rose, huge soft teddies, pink heart shaped balloons. I mean how foolish can this …

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In Praise of Gutsy Smita Talwalkar

Talwalkars opened their third branch in mid-seventies, next to a building near Citilight cinema in Matunga, a stone’s throw away from Shivaji Park. Avinash, one of the brothers, was in charge of the branch. Pathare, a masculine looking but soft spoken man who resembled Omar Sharif and who established his own modest chain of gyms …

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