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Literature’s Mighty Warrior: Kiran Nagarkar

One man I have believed who could facilely camouflage pathos with subtle quirky humour was Charlie Chaplin. I saw and heard Kiran Nagarkar at an event during the recently held Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai. And I found second such man. Nagarkar was there for a reading of his latest book, “Extras” a sequel to …

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Author, Actor, Reporter: Glamour

Our books, which are our principal vehicles of expression, can reach people through impersonal mechanisms. This is what makes the world of books so uniquely democratic and accessible. From the blog dt. 6th Feb, 2012 ************ I’ll have no hiccups to rank ‘Mukhavata’ in the line of Dostoevsky and Marquez works, minus the sexual …

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