Learned Illiterates

Globalization, terrorism and spirituality, possibly the three buzz words for today’s world. Indeed the latter two words have surely globalized and have spread to every corner of this globe. Globalization may surely help people understand each other better as there would be exchange of trades, ideas and hence ideologies. Spirituality also has become important today with the growing stress levels in day-to-day life. Many kinds of relaxation techniques are flourishing today to keep the adrenaline levels under control. However, it is painful to see that some people are still trying to divide people based on religion. Either trying to prove how their religion was suppressed or how is it superior to other religions.

Believing in God, chanting prayers and following a religion is fine but having an extremist view about anything is bad. In your pursuit to prove your religion/God as superior, don’t disrespect other religions. Surely, no religion teaches to do this – to discriminate people based on their caste, color, religion, or divine that they follow. Somehow, though we do come across people, who in a quest to prove their beliefs dilute the religious sentiments and rituals of others. This is mainly because of the monopolistic attitude of exhibiting their religious extremism.

Many faiths and beliefs that exist today are thoughts that have run down through generations with varied interpretations based on individual perception. There are several interpretations of Bhagavad Gita and The Holy Bible, which teach people a way of life. All religious scriptures preach one thing – humanity, to be good to others, selfless, loving and forgiving. Say for example Vedanta – it teaches a human to be a better human irrespective of what rituals or beliefs he follows. It does preach oneness with God but through their individual beliefs and not by forcing a particular religion on them. Swami Vivekananda himself preached about Vedanta and all religions being equal when he was at the World Religious Conference in 1893. We don’t take into account the teachings of such learned men but get carried away with thoughts of people who have a single point of view. Britishers did it around 60 years back and terrorists are still doing it today on the pretext of getting justice while some others are doing it thinking that they are doing something good – freeing people from sufferings. What greater suffering would be there than a child separating from his parents or a brother fighting against his own brother? These so-called preachers or healers are actually sinners who have spoilt the entire essence of religion – love. They have divided people and are spreading hatred, thus leading to communal disharmony. To our much surprise, many professionals, educated people, students, etc. are a part and victims (who get brainwashed) of this act.
Can’t things around get simple and peaceful if we learn to treat each other as human beings, respect each other’s religion, God, beliefs, and thoughts? Most of the times we get influenced by other’s thoughts because of our own ignorance about the topic. Let us then not force on each other the beliefs we think are right and the ultimate truth. While believing something is correct being obsessed with it harmful. As what we have always heard – “Anything in excess is not good”

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