And the award goes to…..

And the award goes to…..this is what typically our new year starts with. Come Jan-Feb and we have newspapers and TV channels flooded with promos for the movie awards. Sansui, Samsung, Videocon and several brands of this kind flock to bollywood to choose their best pick.

I learned in school that ‘best’ was a superlative degree of an adjective, remember we all learned ‘good, better, best’. It always gave me an idea of someone or something being supreme in its own class and hence is called the best. However, this definition becomes void when it comes to movie awards. People (read hosts of these movie award shows) choose what they feel is the best. The screen feels that Rani was best, Filmfare feels Kareena was the best but in such a case is the real meaning of “best” justified. Shouldn’t all of us have a consensus over what is the best? Maybe not all but most of us. Moreover, if each individual authority feels that their choice is the best, then it really makes no sense of having such a big extravagant show. We all can comfortably sit at home and be proud of who or what we think is the best.

I am definitely not against appreciating the talents that exist in our filmy kingdom. But then why not value it to the true meaning of ‘best’. I certainly feel that all these sponsors can come together and host a show, take a people poll for the ‘best’ choices and then select the deserving talent. Look at it like this – consider the average budget of an award show to be Rs.X, which includes everything, even the paid guests, celebrity dance shows, equipment and other administrative charges. Again the list of guest is more or less the same in all the award shows. Now instead of each sponsor spending that Rs.X, can’t all the desired sponsors come together and contribute some small amount to make that Rs.X and host a common award show. It saves a lot of money, which can well be utilized for other social issues that need immediate attention. Infrastructure development, development of rehabilitation centers, educating the under privileged etc are some of the simple examples where that money saved can prove to be worthy. A lot of hungry and need people can be served even if one such award function decides to follow a simple mathematics. We will curse the government and the system for the pathetic situation in the city, but will not awaken ourselves to take some responsibility of the development.

I understand that there is a business perspective to these shows but then we do business 364 days. Can we not for 1 day think about the social perspective and contribute to society in whatever we can?

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